Monitor connection

Hello, I have an Asus ROG Zephyrus laptop

I had a monitor connected to my computer while formatting and installing Zorin OS 16 Core everything was visible on the laptop screen and the monitor.

But after finishing and booting the computer again now still connected to the monitor but nothing appear on the monitor its available only on the laptop screen.

Note: my laptop has two slot of storage one of them Windows 10 and another one now Zorin OS, if you look at the pictures you can see there is no problem from the Windows 10.

Thanks for your support.

Gday @arezhalabjayi ,
Welcome to the community!
New installs sometimes takes a few Updates,
Leaving the monitor connected.
First restart pc, may fix it.
Next use the "Software Updater" ( when loaded click "Settings" )
Open the Additional Drivers TAB. If needed select the appropriate drivers, then update & restart pc.
Hope this may help.

Thanks for your reply but my issue not solved.
As I noted my dedicated GPU not installed and I tried every way but nothing work.
Finally I changed my OS to Ubuntu.

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