Monitor turns black instead of turning off after installing screensaver

Hey everyone. New here and to Linux in general. So far I'm having a good time and figuring most things out. Recently I have run into a road block though.

I went ahead and installed xscreensaver and the apple aerial videos. This works wonderfully. Comes on after a couple minutes and works as expected. The issue I am having now though is my "Turn monitor off after "X" minutes" in the zorin settings menu doesn't work any more. Instead of killing my monitor it makes it black. Which is obvious by the backlight still being on. Ideally my screensaver runs for an hour or two then my monitor turns off completely so its not on all night type of thing.

Any ideas? Really appreciate any help!

I don't think the new Gnome is built for screensavers which may be the cause of it. Are you running xorg or wayland? If you run wayland try switch to xorg and test it.

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