Mono support in Zorin's Windows App Support enviroment

So I am pretty new to Zorin 16.1 (and Linux in general) and I am really enjoying the experience over its cousin/base Ubuntu. I particularly like the ease of using Wine to run windows applications through the Zorin Windows App Support function.

How ever I have realised not only is this version of wine very outdated it also does not have any Mono programme installed. I have been struggling to add it and get it to actually function.

If I manually installed wine via Wine-HQ then I get both the latest wine and Mono version BUT I then lose the very handy Zorin Windows App Support folder on the start menu where the C: Drive, Config, Programmes and Uninstaller are!

Is there a way to add a functional Mono support to the Zorin's version of Wine or update it to the latest Wine version and retain the features of the start menu folder?

Hope I was clear in this description, super grateful for any advice!

Just a guess here. You have to remember that Zorin. Devs are having to tweak Gnome as best they can and it might be that this is not possible because Gnome might have excluded some apps. Gnome Devs are notorious for ignoring users and developer requests. A bit like the M$ attitude that "we know what's best".

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