More advanced FM progress bar

Hello guys,
Is there any more advanced progress bar when copying a file in Nautilus? Something similar to MS Windows?
Screenshot from 2022-04-07 17-35-44


Can you clarify what More Advanced means?

I use USB every day to copy TV series on it and watch on TV, One of the biggest problem I have is, I sometimes forgot if the progress finished or not, and I remove the USB disk, and sometimes when I want to eject the disk it says it has unfinished job.
Finally, I need to watch it pop out of the file manager itself

I see. And since Nautilus progress bar only shows if you click on it, you may forget.

I use Nemo File Manager and in that, the Progressbar pops up in a modal window. It remains visible unless the user moves it

or closes it.

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Nautilus has a Pie Chart progress indicator, which is easily overlooked.


Yes, his screenshot even shows it... But I overlooked it.


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