More appearance options

Can we get the ability to do something like this?

I think it looks really clean look
The features we would need is…

  • ability to colour taskbar and app panels with rgb colors
  • ability to change the transparency of taskbar and app panels from 0-1
  • ability to remove outlines around panels

Now that I think of it allowing taskbar and app window colors to be rgb would be a bad idea.

It would be hard to match the icons and text to the background color.
maybe a predefined set of window colors with a saturation slider would be better.

I still think a option to remove outlines around windows and panels would be a good idea along with the transparency of them.

also I think that a option for a grid based settings menu would be good

I also think a option for super flat would be nice
let me explain…

  • everything is the same either white or dark
  • there is no outlines or seperators
  • buttons, line edits and other controls with different background are completely flat until hovered over
  • the only separators that show are gtk slider panels

I also suggest adding a option for a grid styled settings menu like old windows had

I know Gnome tweaks has an item to set taskbar transparancy. That is the only thing I do that is on your list.

@zabadabadoo zorin has this build in
I mean everything else

Updated second post above