More out of place questions about GTK 4 Development

Hey, I was wondering If anyone knows of a GUI buliding program (like Glade) that works with GTK4 or a way to down grade Gnome Builder so I can get the two to work with each-other?
I have a program I have been working on for a while (GTK3 and Python) and I want to push it to flatpak and Builder seems to be the most logical but it can't port it to a Builder Python project because it uses a GUI file made with Glade for GTK3... If anyone has some advice... I would rather be able to use Builder since I like it better then what I have now anyway but any solution at this point is welcome!

Thanks, and I promise, this is the last time I ask a general Gnome question on the Zorin Forums again...


That Gnome dislikes Glade has been long standing. And currently, Glade is GTK3 only.
Alternatives that work with GTK4 are also few... As GTK4 is still quite new and also due to how much upset it has caused.
There is Cambalache which is probably Top o' the list and It is experimental.

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OK thanks. I wish that Gnome and all the other user projects would figure out how to work with each other... Super annoying when you are trying to make something and everyone that makes the tools you need are trying to stop each other. :slight_smile:


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