Morgen blocks updates

When I run the "Software" app it tells me there are three applications requiring updates: 'Morgen Calendar & Tasks', 'Core 18' and 'core20'. When I click 'Update All' I get this error message:


My first thought was to close down Morgen, although it has no visible presence on the task bar. So I open System Monitor and find a total of seven processes listed that begin with the string 'morgen'.

Ah hah!, I think. Just stop those processes and the updater will run. So I select the seven processes, click the 'End Processes' button, and nothing happens. The processes do not end, and the software updater is still blocked.

Can anyone advise me on what's going on? Thanks!

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Usually, during updates, the corresponding app where the update is meant to apply itself should close otherwise it's obvious that the update can't be applied. Moreover, there are 8 PIDs on the warning so there are 8 running processes, not 7. End Processes stops the process until you don't resume it, you can try Terminate to close it and then update.

Please try this tip, first.

In this case, let's clear your cache

killall gnome-software

rm -rf ~/.cache/gnome-software

Reboot. Launch Software Store and test...

Thank you so much for persisting with this. I've followed your instructions, and now the error message is different. Best to see the screenshot:

This is obviously a default text string left behind by a programmer. Looks a bit amateurish, to be honest.

However, rebooting again and it all works. Thank you! I don't really understand why, though.

We have some different perceptions about Linux. On this one, we are in agreement. I find the Gnome Software Store to generally be only nominally reliable.
As a Windows-Familiar Software Boutique, it fits the role of helping migrating users see something they already know and operate easily. But it is not faultless.

Personally, I see the Software Store as a stepping stone. It is a way of proceeding forward, not a stopping point. After gaining more confidence and familiarity, many users move onward to more solid means of package management.
I recommend Synaptic for a GUI package manager. But while I recommend and I install it, I never use it.
I just use the terminal for everything. It is fast, efficient, I know it in and out (though I didn't when I switched over, I slowly learned) and it tells me everything that it is doing. While this may seem unappealing for some (it did to me, at first), it may grow on you, too.


Some Title, really funny :rofl:. Now let's imagine this randomness applied to almost any warning :thinking:, let's see an example…
Some Title failed on doing something, PID some numbers, reason: something
It's a common thing here at home, too, if you know what I mean :wink:.

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It is also worth noting that this particular version of Gnome Software is pretty bad. It got significantly better with Ubuntu 22.04. So Zorin 17 should be better in this regard.

Also I am not sure if it has gotten better but the "Store" on Windows 10 was terrible. But I am pretty out of date in this regard so they may have fixed it on 10/11. But I know GamePass on PC was a WAR to get working

It is usually my first stop honestly unless I know exactly the format I want a specific software. It is very good for comparing Debs, Snap, and Flatpak

I do have to wonder if @SteveThackery would be happier on Linux Mint that Zorin. It has vastly superior software "store" that it comes with and is more "consistent" across the UI.

Have you considered that yourself?

I really appreciate the time and thought you folks have put into helping me. I have tried Mint in the past, but it was some years ago.

So, I'm going to take your advice and install a fresh Mint and give it a good test drive.

Thanks again for your endless patience.

Mint software is 2nd to none in the Linux world. I think it is worth a shot at the very least.

If you like Zorin better you can always come back :slight_smile:

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And being a Mint User does not bar you from using the HelpDesk here, either. For Mint Specific issues, you may need the Mint Forum. But many issues are cross-compatible.


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