Most computer breakthroughs come from one or two people working side projects


It's not nice to forget to mention Zorin OS in this forum. :upside_down_face:

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Not sure if Zorin Bros created ZorinOS as a "side project" as such. I thought it was their primary activity. :thinking:

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This is brainstorming to prevent falling into genius worship.

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It is their current primary activity but the thread is about Origins. Zorin OS started while the Zorin Brothers had uhhh... school... as a primary activity.


LMAO... If I remember correctly, without researching it, I think it was a school project like a science fair kind of thing. They were in their early teens?

And coincidently at that age I too began interest that became life long projects. Enjoying a good beer and a good woman. I would hope they had less headaches and greater riches..

They created Zorin, but not Linux. But I think we are happy, better off for their creation. Now back to TabNumlocks original comment. He makes a very good point. I hope people don't lose sight of what hobbies and turn out to be. Wish mine were better. I could've been a

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