Most glitches are caused by physical memory

Make sure your memory and slots are clean. You can use alcohol or sand with white paper.

Also, make sure your memory sticks are as similar as possible, preferably identical.

Don't ask me how I know.


I'm not sure how much truth there is behind this, if any, but I was once told that memory sticks very rarely fail on their own. It's worth running a system check whenever there's some potential damage done to the hardware i.e.: while traveling, sudden drops, etc. Cleaning the machine every once in a while is also a very good idea.

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Memory sticks do not often fail on their own. Memory Sticks (RAM) do not operate the same way that SSD or SD cards do.
But I do believe there is plenty of truth to how corrosion, sebum, or other contaminants being on the memory stick contact points can inhibit communication or even cause failure to communicate with the memory stick.
I would highly recommend that any user looking into this follow specific Guides and Safety Precautions to protect their investment before cleaning or handling Memory sticks or slots. Ensure you fully understand the procedures and what you are doing with careful research.

Slots can be usually cleaned with Compressed air - no fluids needed.


I thought you meant NES cartridges.

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i actually use 1500 grit... :expressionless:

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This is very true. I do mechanical and polishing so I have ummm... up to 5,000 grit readily available.

Most people usually have 80 grit.

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