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Today I finished installation Zorin xfce without Pro. I wondering what users Zorin using software. VLC, Spotify, webbrowser Vivaldi, e-mail proton, steam. I wondering if you can share your software on daily pc with Zorin i will be appreciate. I means software what you usually using and isn't difficult to use. Thank you for any service. I hope with new ssd i don't catch black screen from my gpu.


Below is what I run in my tray and use daily

NordVPN ..... VPN
Vivaldi ..... browser
WPS -2019 ..... word processor
XnView MP .... potos & video
FreeTube ..... on-line videos
Nemo .... Files

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Inkspace something like a CorelDraw. First hearing that. Why i asking about software? Because on linux is thousands software and searching on webbrowser could gived me lost on adventure. That why asking people. Xnview also is great. I am very happy with your sharing and solutions what i need to installation.

What is your favorite simple mp3 player what can support mostly all format music? Not count vlc video players just mp3. In many years i used aimp.

I prefer Audacious or Deadbeef.
I generally use Audacious as the installed app. I use Deadbeef as a portable stand-alone app.


@Aravisian good you answear because we are audiophile listening to music with good quality and simple player with many codecs. Wright?

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Audacious my all system freeze. The button restart only helped. Just put one folder with music 326 files.
Now I understand people why going with windows not a linux.

Audacious is on Windows, as well as Winamp.

I have never had Audacious freeze my system...
But you also have another thread going commenting on multiple freezes. Let's examine that before examining Audacious.

Since I'm a 3D artist I need Blender, Krita, Gimp, and use proton/wine for other softwares like substance designer, world machine etc. Otherwise I'm a gamer, so Steam and Lutris are a first.

Libre Office for that kinda stuff, VLC for videos, qbittorrent, ProtonVPN, FreeTube, FluentReader (for all my news feeds and twitter follows) and then basically use Firefox to do everything else in browser.

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For audio i don't find a player. Can choose folders another software can put files that is diffrent. What is it shortly windows layer working with wine. Omg don't have simple without wine? Ok used russian Aimp used with many years but the sound was terrible uninstalled very fast. Hard life audiophil hurt my ears.

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