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Hi, so yea i discovered Zorin OS about 2 months ago now and i have had nothing but tall praise. I did venture out and try many of the other linux distros and i have found myself to be continually coming back to Zorin OS 16.2 Core. For me it has proven itself the most stable, the most intuitive and the most reliable OS i have ever used period. Also i should note that of all the usb utilities out there i am quite fond of MKUSB. It has proven solid and reliable. I guess there is no real question to this post lol i just wanted to share my thoughts on this. I am considering paying for the Pro version soon as my little way of saying hey thanks Team Zorin, you all rock. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


True to my word y'all, i took the plunge and bought Zorin OS 16.2 Pro. I'm so excited to check it out. I'm preparing usbstick now. I'll report back soon.

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Are you going for Pro or Pro lite?

Also, you can do a minimal installation of the PRO if you don't want all these pre-installed apps.

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Oh thats good to know thanks.

Well i am happy with it. I did a minimal install of the Pro & I think its great. It feels closer to being everything i look for in a OS. I'm looking forward to playing more with this puppy.

Good to know. Note the extra layer that is available.

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Could you explain that a little please?

In Zorin appearance -> layout. You'll have 8 layouts instead of 4.

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Oh yes aha, i'm tired. Yea I've been checking them out, i really like the Mac(ish) layout. Thanks for the tips I really appreciate it. Here is what it looks like at moment.

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