Mostly Failed Install

I just did an install of 17.1 Pro from USB alongside Windows on an Alienware Aurora R9. When I first booted off the USB I chose the NVIDIA drivers option and everything seemed to work fine for a test drive. After installing, however, it hangs with a blinking cursor. If I reboot and choose to enter recovery mode and then immediately proceed to the resume normal boot option it starts up without error. I'm having trouble figuring out what might be different between a regular boot and booting from recovery or USB that causes it to fail. Any suggestions what I should look at first? It's an Intel I7-9700 and NVIDIA 2080ti

For anyone who finds this troubleshooting their own install. I figured out that the "normal boot" resumed by recovery is still a safe boot and had generic video drivers and X11. I was able to boot straight into the GUI by going into Software Updater, Additional drivers, and selecting the newest NVIDIA driver. I also found that the nouveau driver would work but I think that ended up using my iGPU.