Mount directory to directory on other disk

Hello there,

I have a question about mounting a directory at an anther directory placed on a other disk.

I have installed the Wine application but it is on my home directory. I want to move it to another drive.

I did that and then I used the following code in fstab:

/media/username/DATA/Applications/.wine /home/username/.wine mount 0 0

That went well until I restarted the PC because after the reboot my mount was gone. There was even a new mount called DATA1 next to DATA.

What can I do now because I plan to do this with other directories as well.

Perhaps creating a symbolic link to this directory/these directories would be easier. I know that there is an option to create this link within the file manager but somehow it doesn't show. It is set in the preferences.

I do this constantly with Dolphin, works perfect.

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You mean with root using the command "ln -s /media/username/Data/applications/.wine /home/username/.wine" ?

Isn't that more sensible for errors? And do you also have to use fstab?

Yes, I believe that's the command to set the link. But I use the file manager for that. You will have to test it for yourself.
What do you mean by sensible for errors? I have no problems what so ever.

No I don't.

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Following some treads, I guess 337harvey knows fstab, perhaps you should ask him about this if you really want to use fstab. I'm not familiar with it.

I don't prefer fstab settings to me it's the other way round (sensible for errors).

Like I said the links work perfect for me. Been using them for years within Dolphin.

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Fstab addition is only necessary to ensure drive will automount - if the Disks utility does not seem to work.


After Aravisian's comment I did some "research". wanted to know how to automount the drive, been doing this manually (was my own choice).

Using the app "Disks" (within System Tools), you can edit the mount options for a certain partition or drive to automount at boot. This will also automatically lead to a mutation for the fstab file. After adjusting the settings in Disks, you will have to reboot to make it all effective.


Okay...let met test de symlink today and will give you an update.

Thans for your time and researche. :slight_smile:

If you think carefully enough, automount could be a security risk. I'm thinking on the lines of ransomware, recent ones can actually identify make and model of external drive and comments on local Linux User Group have stated not always a good idea to have other partitions to automount. It's simple enough to right-click and mount. The comment was made when I told them that Feren OS (18.04) mounts other drives without asking.


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