Mount drive with windows

Hi there,

I have a dualboot system with two drives, one for Zorin and one for Windows.

On Zorin I was able to access the windows plate, change files, copy & paste etc. but now I can not any more. I just have viewing access. How can I change that?

I would love to have the opportunity to alter and edit files on the windows drive.

I dont know what changed because some weeks ago I was able to do so.

Isn't it right click, properies and click the permissions tab?

It sounds like Zorin was not able to mount it in read+write, only in read mode. Have you logged on to Windows since the last time you were able to write to its partition? If so, have you turned it off properly, i.e. not hibernating it?
Also, if you have not done so yet, you might want to turn off fast boot in Windows.

Zorin tells me in the permissons tab that I have all permissions.

Yes, I did. For some tasks I need to use windows so I will switch.

I will try that and report!

Turned off fast boot and was able to modify data on the windows plate. Thanks for that suggestion!

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