Mount Net Drive in fstabs containing () brackets and space in name

I have a SMB share with the Name "Data1 (USB)" I try to get this share to add to fstab

/\ (USB)\ /mnt-2 cifs auto,uid=,username= password=***

But I get only errors, the main problem is I can't get rid of the "(USB)" it is the NAS, it has add the (USB) it self and I can't remove it or rename it.
Over the Desktop I can Mount it just fine there it show data1%20(USB) but this is also not working. I hope someone have a idea.

I found a solution in a other forum
the answere was to use \040(USB)/

like this it is working with the brackets

/\040(USB)/ /mnt-2 cifs auto,uid=,username= password=***

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