Mouse acceleration


I can't find an option in Zorin that can switch my mouse acceleration from Adaptive to Flat like in KDE.

Please help, I can't find a solution anywhere.

sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

Launch Tweaks and navigate to the Mouse tab, then Mouse Acceleration. You should be able to set the profile.

I changed it in Gnome Tweaks but I don't think it worked since I don't feel a difference between Flat and Adaptive.

Do you think that Zorin OS has a different default mouse sensitivity from Garuda Linux and Windows etc.? (Both Garuda and Windows have the same sensitivity when set to Flat.)

No, I do not think so. There is simply no reason (nor time or energy) for the ZorinGroup to alter mouse behavior specific for their distro.

I wonder if rebooting is necessary...
I am not sure if I would notice the difference. I did use someone else computer the other day and I was first surprised and later agitated at the fact their mouse moves at Warp 6.5 across the screen.

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