Mouse and keyboard problems

For two weeks now I have been disconnected, in Zorin Os 16, the mouse and keyboard (both, obviously, have usb connection), without apparent cause. This is forcing me to reset the computer.
Please, could someone give me a solution?
Thank you very much

Does this occur coming back from sleep or boot? Would you mind providing a little more context.

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This occurs when I am using the computer, whether I am watching a video, visiting a web page, or even playing a game.
It does not even allow me to use the famous REISUB. The only option I have left, as I already mentioned, is to reset the computer.
Thank you for answering my query.

Do you dual boot say M$ and Zorin ?

If you mean dual boot with Windows, I only have Zorin Os 16 installed on the computer.

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If I recall correctly, many were telling you to check power settings and disabling the usb power options. That didnt help?

What kernel are you running?

I don't see any power option regarding USB (I'm using a desktop computer connected to the home mains).
The kernel used is 5.11.0-40

if you install tlp (not bad even for desktop) you will have the option to disable power saving easily. But, do you still have some of the older kernel's, prior to updates? maybe 5.11.32 or .28?

I ask because there may be a kernel issue. Try booting into an older kernel. At grub, choose advanced Zorin options...then choose a kernel older than .40. Run it that way, doing everything you normally do and see if it still occurs.

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Check your BIOS for a USB option. My wife’s desktop’s mobo gave me a lot of headache (both on Windows & Linux) until I changed a USB option in BIOS.


Here is the other way round, the laptop is oké but the wife gives me headache :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I hope your wife is not reading this forum :skull:
I've heard your wife sabotaging your laptop when you spend too much time with it not with her.


:rofl: :joy: :sweat_smile:

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Thank you very much for the suggestions. Problem solved.


In case anyone is interested, the solution was so simple....
In general my Nvidia graphics card has always caused me problems in Gnu Linux.
I was following the instructions given by support, which had worked for me in Zorin Os 15, which consisted in installing the distribution from the alternative that included the Nvidia drivers. However, during the installation process, at first, I got an error. Finally I installed the recommended driver in the configuration, which did not solve the problem.
It was then that I remembered a comment from a user that he had solved his problem by installing the distribution in the normal way, since the program had detected his hardware and installed the corresponding drivers.
Short story short, I installed the operating system in the traditional way, and, eureka, the system installed a driver manually, which is not in the list that appears in the configuration panel.
Holy cow. No more problems, and the graphics card works great.


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