Mouse cursor jumping to the upper left hand part of the screen

Hello everyone. I've been experiencing something weird the past couple of days. My mouse cursor randomly jumps to the upper left hand part of the screen. Doesn't matter if I'm using the trackpad or my mouse. Not sure at all what causes it, but I haven't made any major changes to my machine.

I recorded a video which you can see here:

I'm running Zorin 16 Core. Any thoughts?

I too experienced this with my fresh install of Zorin, what I did was to change the cursors to Whiteglass in the Tweaks app.

Thanks for your suggestion. I changed the cursor like you suggested, but the problem still persists

Sorry, I miss-read your post. You are using the track pad and you have random jumpings. Not what I had experienced.

Gotcha. What I meant on my original post was that it doesn't matter if I use the trackpad or my bluetooth mouse, the problem still happens. Thanks

I have seen this a lot where the trackpad registers movement when the person is typing.
To test this, try disabling the trackpad entirely for a day and then use the USB mouse only and the computer as normal. Observe if the mouse-jump stops. If it does, it gives us an idea of the cause and possible solutions.

Got it. Ok, I'll give that a shot and will report back in a day. Thanks!

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My first thought is Bluetooth is on, regardless of whether the mouse is connected or not. Try turning off Bluetooth and see if it happens with just the trackpad. If not, then there is an interfering signal (phone, microwave, remote, rc car, drone... etc) interfering. Upgrade your wifi/bluetooth adapter to resolve.

I finally got a chance to work on this and I tried a USB mouse, I also tried disabling bluetooth, and I upgraded my wifi/bluetooth adapter on my motherboard. I also replaced the SSD on this machine and did a clean install, plus I also physically disconnected the touchpad and the problem still persists. I think at this point it's a hardware issue so I'm not sure what to do

I agree. With the touchpad disconnected... It cannot be sending any signal.

Are you using More than One Monitor?

Is your BIOS updated?

Hi @Aravisian, I am only using the laptop screen. No additional monitors at this time. I also just checked and my BIOS is updated. Any other ideas?

Sadly, no. Now I am stumped. I was hedging my bets you had more than one monitor...

Though you disconnected it, did you disable it in the os (the TouchPad). It sounds like the TouchPad or the mouse has issues.

I'm also curious what kind of surface the mouse is on. Glass, some reflective surfaces and carpet can cause this erratic behavior depending on the age of the mouse and optics. Newer optics are a bit more forgiving but can produce the same effect depending on the material it is used on.

On the mouse itself, when was the last time you cleaned the optics? While disconnected, use a Qtip and rubbing alcohol or windex, until the optics window doesn't discolor the qtip.

If these suggestions don't resolve it, try another mouse.

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