Mouse debounce time

Hi, on my hp laptop I have dual boot with windows 10 and zorin os lite 16.
On my glorius model i changing the debounce time of the drag click mouse easily makes 25 cps.
On zorinos maximum 5.
From what I understand on all linux distributions a lower than normal debounce time is not compatible.
There is a way to change it.

Zorin OS includes LibInput. You can modify a file local-overrides.quirks to change your debounce time for double-click behaviors.
However, I do not know about the Maximum. This would be set in LibInput and if you have already tried the above without success, I know of know why of cleanly modifying the performance of LibInput without risking the entire system.

You must have a uhhh... very fast finger....


beh io sono stato giorni per vedere come si cambia con tutte le guide per ubuntu.
Ma.... senza successo non potresti spiegare un po' come fare?

Translating below for English speakers

“ well I've been days to see how it changes with all the guides for ubuntu.
But.... unsuccessfully couldn't you explain a little how to do it?”

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