Mouse fullscreen issues

i am having mouse issues in dolphin emulator. whenever i go to fullscreen, the mouse does not disappear and repeatedly snaps back to the middle when i move it. i have the setting "never show mouse cursor in fullscreen on" but it does not leave. this is only visual but it is really annoying me

This looks a lot like what you describe- Cursor stays on screen and snaps back to middle:

The last post:

Edit: Never mind. I figured it out! Big Grin To anyone that is interested, when mapping a key to the Hide button in the WiiMote config, simply use the NOT operator by right clicking, selecting the key to be mapped and then click Not button. Hope this helps anyone that finds their way here. Also, I apologize for digging this up, but it wouldn't let me post a new thread.

to clarify i am using primehack dolphin and this option does not exist. is there a solution for primehack?

It is not something I use, so I can only offer tidbits I find:

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