Mouse pointer issue on Zorin os 16 lite

Mouse pointer in my zorin os lite behaves weirdly. The pointer moves around all well, but clicking, dragging, scrolling does not work consistently. Most of the time I can't do anything with the mouse on the opened application, including not able to even close it with the mouse. Keyboard shortcuts work well though. How can I fix it? I use an hdd for it in my i3 8100 pc. Sometimes it gets stuck on certain points so that wherever I click, it opens the same thing I opened before (but the pointer moves all fine). It's difficult to explain it so idk if anyone can understand what I'm yapping about. Thanks.

Hi and welcome to the forum.
First, have you visited Zorin>Settings>Touchpad and Mouse and had a play with the settings there. You can also test the your mouse settings there.

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Do you think that this :point_down: describes some issues as yours?