Mouse Pointer Jumps Around Screen in Wayland, But Not in X11

My mouse pointer/cursor very annoyingly jumps around the screen in Wayland mode (using Gnome), but not in X11, as if it's running at a slow framerate during a game. This is definitely not smooth animation. I am running Zorin OS 16.1 Pro. Help! :expressionless:

Unless something has changed, this is a standing issue (bug) between Gnome and Wayland that remains unresolved.

Misunderstanding. I am not actually running a game when this happens. This ALWAYS happens 100% of the time on the Gnome Desktop when using Wayland and it starts as soon as I log in and doesn't stop until I log out.

Please see the First Link:

That sure looks like a lot of reading and complicated techno-babble! Any chance you could narrow this down? What parts of that thread should I pay attention to the most?

Mouse Cursors on Linux are all X11 cursors.
In order to render the X11 Cursor on Wayland, which acts as the Compositor, the Desktop Environment and Wayland must translate all of the Cursors actions and "fill in" for the job that the X-Window would normally do.
On the link I posted, the important part is:


I do not know how to patch this, apparently others do not either as it currently remains an incomplete address on the bug.

Wayland has certain perks in usage, but is currently an incomplete project itself. It has much yet to be done. There are many apps that currently do not work at all on Wayland.

Well, that's just disappointing. I wonder how long it's gonna take to fix this bug, or how long until Wayland is stable enough for prime time! Any guesses? Estimates? Hmmmmmmm. SMH.

I... wouldn't want to try to guess.
There is a lot of information readily available on the net that can be searched on Wayland, its history and implementation.
There are a lot of pros and a lot of cons.
A lot of support... and a lot of resistance. Those that support it promote it heavily hoping to gather more support. The resistance against it includes a lack of Developer Interest in trying to add to, patch or expand Wayland.
The idea is sound, in principle, but not so sound in applying it as a product. It has been over Ten Years now that Wayland has sat in development, with little progress forward.
With renewed interest and vigor, it is possible that Wayland development will explode with progress in leaps and bounds - but this is unlikely given the hurdles it must overcome.
It is just as possible that a close examination of what it is and how it works will decrease interest and Wayland will languish on the back table before fading into obscurity.

Personally, I like the idea of Wayland and find the idea intriguing. The trouble with it is in how to get it to actually do, as a compositor, what it is supposed to do and handle the intricate and complicated functions it must single handedly.
My belief is that Wayland was a good idea that was impractical in application. I do not believe it will become a fully-fledged compositor any time soon - if ever.

I didn't like Wayland ever - means sudo has to be pkexec - which I also hate.
That said su is better than sudo with separate 'root' account.

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