Mouse Scroll revert (wheel)

I'm not sure how can I explain this but I'll try so I'm using windows for long time and when I push the mouse wheeler upwards its scroll upwards but in zorin it's downside this makes me feel uncomfortable.

Can you open Settings (gnome-control-center) and in the left pane, select Mouse and touchpad.
Disable Natural Scrolling.


Thanks, it works!


I don't even know why Natural Scrolling is a thing that comes enabled on Linux. I have never heard anyone ever say, "Ohhhh you know I really love that natural scrolling feature, its scrolls so naturally."

What I usually hear is, "That stupid natural scrolling BS caused me so many issues, I thought my OS was borked until I disabled the darnfangled thing." For the record, I also have that feature disabled. lol


It 100% threw me for a loop when I first encountered it- I reported it to the ZorinGroup as a bug lol.


is there a way to adjust scrolling speed ?

Firefox? Google the command to change in the about config for Firefox, I think there is one.

what are you talking about ?

You asked about mouse scrolling speed. I assume you care about it in Firefox internet browser for your scrolling. Google command to change it in Firefox browser. The setting will be changed in the about config. I'm going to bed goodnight

Good night
oh so scrolling speed is different in every program.
I use brave browser.

Apple standard.
It is their thing to differentiate themselves from Windows.

Why Linux devs decided to go with Apple way rather than Windows?
I suspect it could come from a bad blood between MS and Linux, when Linux was called "cancer" by the former MS CEO.

BTW, I secretly call it UNnatual scrolling myself :skull_and_crossbones:



sudo apt install imwheel

In terminal, start it with: imwheel
This is a very simple configuration tool for Mouse Scrolling speed.
You can get the script with;
bash <(curl -s

Once you hit enter, a GUI will popup with a Speed Gauge.

In XFCE, there is a settings GUI for this.

I tested this before suggesting it... and now I regret it because my mouse scroll is moving at Warp Speed.


"when Linux was called "cancer" by the former MS CEO." that was Steve Balmer


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