Mouse scroll wheel stops working on Show Applications screen

I'm using Zorin 16 core and the first option for Zorin Appearance. I have my super key set to open the Zorin Menu.

If I press super+A the 'Show applications' screen appears with three pages of applications, at this point I can scroll to get to other pages.

I press esc twice (The first press removes all of the applications leaving just the search input at the top, the second press returns me to my desktop - I find that a bit odd, it feels like it should be one press)

I press super+A to 'Show Applications' again. Scrolling doesn't work anymore.

Clicking the 3 dots on the side allows me to see the other pages, as do the arrow keys and pgup/pgdn.

Scrolling doesn't work unless I restart - switching to another layout doesn't help.

I'm wondering if there's something I can do to fix this permanently?

(I haven't put this in hardware support because scrolling works fine everywhere else.)

Hi and welcome to the forum.
I don't have Z16Core so cannot test this for you to determine repeatability.
Maybe someone else on here can do that.

If repeatable, then question whether it is intended behaviour, or a bug. The latter maybe worthy of "Feedback", or a fix if known.

So, just some extra information if it's helpful.

Attached is the Layout scheme I'm having trouble with.

Upon further playing around with this I've discovered that if I switch between 2-3 different layouts the scroll wheel starts working again in the top left layout. It then continues to work even when I'm trying to reproduce the bug on the top left layout - until I restart and then it goes bad again.

If I select the bottom left layout and restart, I don't experience any issues with scrolling at all - however, this isn't my preferred layout.

It's not really a nice workaround because I'd like it to a) automatically fix itself, or b) not happen at all - lol

If this is specific to Zorin Layouts; I am going to try tagging the ZorinGroup to review this issue:

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