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I was going to post this yesterday but when I started to type up popped a post from Mr Zorin from a year ago saying that to in able a single mouse click to go to File Manager and under Behavior Select Single Click to Activate Items ... well I did that but sadly no joy ... still have to double click everything to open it ...

By the way it worked before so I know it can be done ...

Any suggestions ????????

That looks like Thunar, not Nautilus. Are you using both file managers and perhaps one is set to single click and one is set to double click?
Your slider right beneath is set to disabled in the Thunar Settings. does moving that to medium help?

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Yes I seem to show what looks like two file systems ... I want Nautilus ... and no the slider does nothing except change the length of time it takes for the double click to work ...

Please set the Single Click settings in Nautilus, then open an instance of Nautilus file manager and test if it is working.
You can use alt+F2 to launch nautilus to be sure.

Or remove thunar with

sudo apt remove thunar

Waitaminute... Application finder? That, too is an XFCE app. Are you logged in on XFCE desktop?


I just checked in software and it only lists Thunar and no Nautilus .... interesting as I thought I had installed it ....

I deleted Thunar .... no I am not on XFCE ... but I have notice that some apps I used in XFCE are now here in Gnome ...

Can you please double-check...? Looking at your screenshot... those look like XFWM4 titlebars to me, instead of Gnome CSD's... I could be wrong.
It's hard to tell with that theme.

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Ok here's my log on screen ... sorry had to take a cell photo of it .... I also noticed that the screen shot on the log in screen is the same one I used in XFCE

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Thanks, Frog and sorry for following doubts; just needed to be sure.:wink:
After you log in, can you launch "Files" from the app menu and test the single click action?

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Not to worry about doubts with me better just to tell me to check .... ya never know "Pilgrim" ... LOL

OK the Files works good with single click ... but ... the desktop icons and folders in them require the double click .... icons on the tool bar work with single click ...

Hmmm... I thought Nautilus / Gnome disabled all Desktop Icon support (Which was a very strange thing to do...)

Which suggests that in Zorin OS desktop, a Gnome-Extension must be handling the desktop icons.

Do you have Gnome-Tweaks installed?

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No ... only extensions

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Ok, I just checked, Zorin OS Core uses the gnome-shell-extension-zorin-desktop-icons
Can you install gnome tweaks:

sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

Then open it and navigate to the Extensions tab. Look for that extension and see if it has any settings or options associated with it.
I am sorry - I do not use Gnome; otherwise, I'd probably be doing a better job of this...

To add... I checked the javascript for that extensions preferences and found this:

function _onNautilusSettingsChanged() {
    CLICK_POLICY_SINGLE = nautilusSettings.get_string('click-policy') == 'single';

This tells me that the extension is supposed to follow the same settings you applied in Nautilus.
If it is not working, you may try:

sudo apt install --reinstall gnome-shell-extension-zorin-desktop-icons

and see if that Jiggles the Handle, making it pick up the Nautilus Preferences settings.

OK before I do reinstall Gnome I'm going to ask how do I get to Nautilus Preferences ... I tried right clicking on the folder in accessories but saw no preferences .... here is a screen shot of the 2 file choices ...

You can launch Nautilus using alt+F2 top open the launcher and then type in nautilus.
Then look for the Hamburger menu icon on the Upper Right Side.
Click that, then move down to Preferences.
Behavior tab is second on over from the left.

The other Files option you have in menu may be Nemo.:expressionless:

If NEMO is installed and handling the desktop... Then launch nemo, then go to the menubar, View, preferences, behavior and select single-click.
OR Just do it on both file managers just to be sure...

That was the ticket .... and you get the brass ring ... LOL .... I launched Nautilus and checked the Macdo icon and sure enough it was set to double click .... nemo must be ok cause the desktop icons just require a single click ....

I hope you never decide to retire (from the board that is ... LOL) ...

It is funny how I still maintain some of the XFCE apps ... I even have the XFCE terminal which I can use .... maybe I have inadvertently mated the two desktops together ... anyway I kinda like it ... LOL

Thanks once again sir I'm going to copy the steps above for future reference .... I've already got a bunch of folders started with all kinds of stuff in them .... never can have enough folders I always say ....

We have a solution

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It works for many of us.:slight_smile: XFCE apps are quite modular.

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