Mouse wheel scrolling issue

Hi there,

My mouse wheel is completely uncontrollable, when I turn it the window scrolls down and up and vice versa. Since I got the script running it's scrolling so fast that I can no longer recognize it.

I did the following to solve the problem:

Install imwheel

sudo apt install imwheel

Create mousweheel script under /home/user/ and make it

script created and placed in the autostart.

executable with chmod +x

The "Wheelies" dialogue appearing when executing the script has no effect, no matter wether executed as user or sudoer.

Unfortunately nothing works properly :wink:

There are no settings for this in the Zorin Settings and I can't find anything about it in the Gnome tweaks either.
What can I do to make the mouse wheel work as it should?

Can you test your mouse on a different USB port?

If you are using a USB hub, test without the hub, but it plugged directly to a computer port.

What for a Mouse do You use? Do You have the Possibility to test the Mouse on another Pc or Laptop to control if the Mouse itself is maybe broke?

plugged in the from rear USB to front USB and set the scolling speed down with the mousewheel script:
Works better now but its still scolling foirst down and then a bit up again wenn I scroll down only.

Used my USB hub:
same like above

my mouseis a "fantastic sprex" and I'm sure its not broken as it works very fine on my 2nd DT.
Sure not the best HW but I never had issues with ...

OK sorry! I have to apologize to all of you, it was probably because of the cheap "fantastic" mouse!
I don't think it's broken, but it's just a bad production!
I tried it with my "Logitech B100" and everything works without any problems!

Thank you!
The thread can be closed ...