Move default music folder to nvme1n1

Can the "default music folder be moved to a different drive?
i.e. nvme1n1 (formatted Ext4) is the "second" nvme drive
Zorin OS 17 is installed on /dev/nvme0n1p1 (this the "first" nvme drive)
Many thanks to @Aravisian this second drive is set to "automount"
Basic reason is that the first nvme is too small to add my entire music library.
Hence, rip music to second (256GB) drive...
Unfortunately, downloaded software (Asunder, Exaile, etc.) automatically goes to default music folder.... hoping to change that to bigger drive.
Or, figgur out how to set default folder for Asunder, Exaile... googl'd it, nuttin' so far... or, find a forum for the aforementioned.

There are quite a few things that can relate to what you are asking:

  • Setting the default Download folder on a different drive
  • Setting the default Music folder on a different drive (which will affect where you acess, not where downloaded to)
  • Setting the default location in your music player app (Which also is access, not download)

I have never used Exhaile as a downloader... in fact, I was not aware it has that functionality. I opened the app and took a look; maybe I am just not seeing it.

The default location should be defined in the software settings, so you could have for example Firefox downloading files in one place and another browser downloading them in another.

Perhaps a better solution would be to mount your home folder in a separate drive with more capacity altogether. This would also be more convenient when recovering files from backups or moving to another computer.
Another option, set a script that runs every minute that moves all files from the downloads folder to another location.

aha,could not find "default location" function with Exhaile:
may have bumbled my way into a "solution":
opened "home'" (somehow), double-clicked on "music": "folder is empty"...
selected "move to"...
moved to open/mounted nvme1n1 (named "Music nvme" folder)
...will see if that works... fwiw, was not "downloading" per se (methinks),
was ripping to default music folder.
Or, could have ripped to pre-existing zorin music folder,then "dragged" to my new music folder and set as default...
my cat is not getting enough attention... she's parked on my desk... helping with typing.


My music library is also located on another partition which is automatically mouned. This music partition is different from my home partition.

So I deleted the default Music folder (in the /home) and created a symbolic link to replace it. Such as:

ln -s <your-music-directory-on-2nd-disk> music

My music library is correctly recognised by the Rhtymbox app for instance.

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