Move file to another hard drive error

Because it doesn't give me access to move file from one place to another.
I have a separate hard drive, and when I try to move a file to storage it won't let me do it. What I do. I have downloaded music to transfer it to the storage disk but I can't.

Sounds like a permissions issue. You can change the permissions to give yourself Read/Write access on the Separate HDD:

I am new, and I have no experiences, but I have about 15 to switch to linux.

The Zorin os operating system; I have it installed on a 512GB M.2 disk I use that disk for the zorin.
I have another 3T hard drive that is for storage. And I can't send file to disk does nothing.

What file system is on the 3T drive? Was it ever accessed by windows? It may be as aravisian said, a permission issue and why he provided the link that could help you. If it is ntfs and was accessed by windows it may be locked by windows for a disk check or hibernation. Please provide a little more detail say we are able to possibly help you.

Previously I had Windows 10. Look at the photo. When I try to move a file from desktop to storage disk it does nothing.

You have received two replies suggesting possible directives for a solution. If you don't do anything it won't get fixed. You have to participate in order to fix it. We have no way to access your system and don't want to. Please read the above link provided by aravisian and my suggestion to disable hibernation and fast start up in windows with the drive connected so you may access if it's ntfs.

Edit: the screen shot does not show which file systems are in use... that information will help us diagnose your issue.

ok, well I'm going to do the guide you sent me thanks

Thank you very much, I have solved the problem, you have the permissions to copy and move files. @337harvey @Aravisian