Moving app icon to bottom panel in lite

Hi everyone, finally moved over to zorin 16 lite pro i am happy but maybe at 61 Iam going nuts. Under layouts i thought i would try the chrome layout, but right clicking on an app icon opened the app instead of giving me the option of moving it to the bottom panel, "What am i doing Wrong"

I do not use the pre-configured Layouts in Lite (and I know better than to test that as it will wipe out my configured setup).
Right clicking a launcher should show its properties while left clicking should launch the application.
I am not sure why that is working in reverse on yours. perhaps something in particular to how it emulates Chrome OS.

However, it should still help to address a solution to getting what you want set up. For Zorin OS Lite (XFCE):
Right click the Panel and slide the cursor over the Right Menu Arrow next to the Panel entry, then down to Panel Preferences. This will open a pop up window for the Panel Preferences. Move tot he Items tab.
Here, you have full control over all the items that populate a panel. You can Add items to the panel or Remove Items.
You can switch between which panel you are working on at the top where you see the drop down menu for Panel 1 or Panel 2...
Select the top Panel, and in items tab, locate the application launcher you wish to move to the bottom panel. Select it, then click remove.
Now, select the bottom Panel at the top of the popup window and in the items tab, select add. Scroll through the list to the launcher you removed from the top panel and select it now on the bottom panel.

You can position the item where ever you like; Click it to highlight it, then use the up / down arrow keys to move it to the position you want.

Many thanks Aravisian for the quick lesson.
much appreciated

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