Moving directory from External HDD to HDD

I recently came over to Zorin 16 and installed Audacious.

I like what I see with one exception. I can't figure out how to move my music library sorted by artist>album>songs from my external hard drive.

There seems to be no way to select all of the folders and move them to the hard drive.

What format is the external hdd file system?

Have you checked the permissions of the drive?


Permissions were set to Create and Delete Folders.

I was able to select all albums and drag them into Audacious, but the album and artist folders are missing and all songs are in one file.

What you are showing is the Playlist.
The Album is listed to the Right side.
If I drag an album from either my external drive or my primary - I see the same thing in Audacious. That is a Playlist being displayed, not a file manager.

In a file manager, select all the directories you want to transfer. Copy/move. Navigate to the directory you want then in and choose paste. Wait for the transfer to complete. Open audacious and marvel at your ingenuity.

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