Moving from the Known to the Unknown

I was born in the 80s, so I did not have much more than MS-DOS. After that windows came. So I have been using the same os for about 30 years if not more just new versions. After debating if I should make the change, I eventually did. I am not bad-mouthing Microsoft as I think it's still a fantastic os but the last time I really enjoyed it was Windows 7 and Windows 98 SE.

About a week or so ago. Windows refused to detect my SSD, not resetting or wanting to install it. I knew it was not an SSD problem. So that let me decide that I would give Linux a chance. I went on Google and searched for a Linux that would fit my need. So I came on a site that said zorin os is the best os when you come from a different platform.

So after about a week, I am very impressed. Yes, it can be hard at times as a lot of things have to be run through the terminal but I got the network working through Samba. I got my server set up yesterday. Sadly my 2006 AMD 4600+ didn't want to install any Linux except Mint. I also did what my previous os did and did not unlock it was my games folder. Also, AMD said they fixed their drivers to run faster Opengl. On my previous os, I could not run my emulators cause OpenGL was too slow. Now I play either ps 2 games in 1080p or 4k and I only have an RX 470. I parked my Ryzen for upgrades and my I7 blew 2 caps.

So I am sitting with an A8-3870K and it runs like a F1 car in Linux. I mainly use it for work like website development, remote access for training clients, or helping them set up their computers. I had a client last week that never really used a laptop. I took him through all the steps and made his computer as easy as possible. I did not charge him because he never worked on a computer. As a business owner, you have to be honest and loyal. If I took money from him, how would he ever learn?

Sorry for the long feedback. That is just my 2 cents. Yes, there is some stuff that is a little harder to do, for instance, installing AMD control panel. I needed that to undervolt my GPU. I still have a lot more to learn but I learn fast. All and all, I love the experience so far.


Hi Pierre, and welcome to the world of Linux :penguin:

Yes, some things are easier to do in ZorinOS than it is in Windows/MacOS while others are more difficult. It's all about perspective and how well are you able to adapt the new environment.
There are quite a lot of people that I see sometimes asking how to make their system look and behave exactly as it did in Windows. They are often disappointed to learn it's not possible to get everything exactly right since they are different things. You'd experience the same if you were to do things the other way around as well.

So, props to you for sticking around and giving it a try :tophat: Feel free to come by and ask if you need some help, want to share your desktop or help others that may be in your same shoes.



Welcome PierreJGrobbelaar, we appreciate hearing of your experience. You may find the Tutorials & Guides - Zorin Forum category to be insightful. Tlp is recommended for power management in laptops along with a decent cpu state manager to increase the life of the battery.

We hope to see you around for some time.

My first "experience" with Linux was Slackware 1.1. No GUI, all terminal. I purchase book "Linux for Dummies" and set up Apachee web server. Then come windows(XP,7 ans so on). I like the win7 games and have them installed on 11. It been long journey and learn something new everyday. Welcome to the world of Linux.

Yes I know. When I was born we didn't have windows. I started on a spectrum. When I was 5 my Dad bought a lot of computers from his old work that needed to be fixed. So my Dad told me, you want a PC fix it yourself... I was like uhm I am 5.... But it taught me a valuable lesson and I am still grateful for that.

@zenzen. Thank you. I will go through the guides cause I have one question and If it's not on the guides/tutorial. I'll open a thread

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Congrats on switching. It is tough sometimes but the Zorin Os support here is STELLAR! If you have a specific problem your fighting with, they will jump on ur post in less then 24hours with a fix for your specific issue. Iv run other distros and hands down the amount of time the Zorin writers put into stability and making their os Easy...It shows. I'm running 16.2 core with a 1920X and absolutely Zorin is a rocket-ship! Cold --> Playing a youtube music video in around 30 seconds! Overclock 1of4, Fastboot 1of2, Pamusb security.

Sorry for the late reply. I am dead busy and got a big contract so busy with that. Personally, I am satisfied with Zorin. It does everything on my slow computer. I am going to build my new computer soon But I will keep this setup for web development. Be sure my new PC will also run Linux because it will be an AMD.

I converted my whole setup to Linux 3 computers and a dual Xeon server. Sadly my AMD 4600+ x2 ( retro gaming PC ) did not cut it with Zorin, even lite so had to install mint
Everyone thought I am gonna block my IP on our host server because I never set up emails on Linux... This may sound harsh but I do not pay them for remarks. If you set up email on Windows, Linux is the same. Email on Linux is just more in detail.

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My machine is an AMD 1920X...ZERO issues . I've run Zorin on a old high school computer with a Intel Pentium G640 duel core and only 6g ddr3 and it was setup as a multi-boot so it had Zorin Core 16.1, Mint, and Kali that I could boot into and it's my lowest power machine, ran all three no issue...SLOW compared to my current setup. It would be a first, for me, to hear a machine wouldn't run Zorin because it's an "AMD" but would run Mint? Ur Ryzen 5 is a modern CPU, is it really incompatible with Zorin? Aravisian have you heard of this?

It is unusual, but possible. The Mint team has released their latest version of Mint and are on a different kernel.
Even though Zorin OS 16 is on a much later kernel than Ubuntu 20.04, Zorin OS 17 is due out in the coming months. So we are in that transition phase where another distro released prior to ZorinGroup.
We'll be seeing more Hardware Related issues on the forum in the coming months. After 17 is released, we will be seeing mostly installation questions. That will fade to software and customization, wifi and driver questions... then fade back into Hardware questions by the time folks are sniffing for Zorin OS 18.

Interesting, makes sense though. Do you have your card reader handy so I can pre-order 17 Pro? :money_mouth_face: :hugs: Thank you for your quick responses, we all appreciate it!

Well, I certainly cannot take your information.:wink: I am not a ZorinGroup member. I am a Forum member.

:sweat_smile: lol Thanks again for your help! Is it ZorinGroup now? Did they just change the name? I remember a post asking for name suggestions.

The devs, i.e. the Zorin brothers are "Zorin Group".
You will see this shown at the bottom of the Zorin website:
"© 2008 - 2023 Zorin Group All Rights Reserved."

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I have no memory of this... I recall one where it was suggested to change the Zorin Logo by a user.

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