Moving Home folder to 2nd drive?

Wow, that looks complicated.

There's no chance cutting and pasting it will work? I just want to move it into my old HDD that I used for storage in Windows. I don't care where.

Your home folder is a referenced working directory that needs it's location known to everything that references and accesses it.

It should be an option in installation.

With Windows you can move each individual subfolder, which isn't ideal but reasonably easy.

How hard could it be to write an app to do this?

While not a Radio Button Option; you can set up your home folder on a separate partition at the point of installation under the "Something Else..." option.

Windows Symlinks to the directory, which you can also set up and do in Zorin OS - which another user asked about and @337harvey coached a How-To.
I am multi-tasking garage and cannot spare that much time for searhcing the forum, but you may have more luck than I often do with the Search Fucntion.

You can but must edit the /etc/fstab in order for the OS to know where to find it. You can even add other virtual drives (other folders) you want to mount on boot. Without this it will not work. No one has automated it yet in Linux.

uh no copy paste won't just work

that's like quitting a job without telling your boss, your boss will be looking for you, and your system will be looking for your home folder lol

If you edit FSTAB you will tell the OS where to locate it. You can do this with any of the directories under root. You must know your drive UUID and edit /etc/fstab to inform the OS. Just drag and drop won't make that adjustment for you. It isn't automated yet.

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Good to know! I have 3 other PCs to do.

Until I learn this stuff, I have a workaround. Made shortcuts in Home to my old Window's user folder. Also made some alternate Zorin folders on the old HDD and made a shortcut to them as well.

Very Interesting info, thanks for sharing! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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