Moving Zorin OS 16 Pro to a new drive


After reading about and then purchasing Zorin OS 16 Pro, I installed it in a dual boot configuration with my existing Windows 10 installation (on a single 512gb SSD) to install Zorin OS 16 Pro. All went well, but Zorin OS is now sitting on a quite small partition (about 60gb to 80gb) and I have now been using this since my purchase. However, I now have been bitten by the Zorin OS 16 Pro "bug" and I have purchased and installed an extra 500gb SSD. I now want to move the existing small partition on to the new drive and update the dual boot for the moment. However, I am unfortunately clueless on the best way to do this. :worried:

I thought I might be able to move the partition, but how do I then update the Boot Manager configuration? Is it best to install a new version on the new drive and then look at removing the old partition (as I am not concerned about losing anything on that partition)?



Definitely would go with New Install. Moving everything over, when you are not concerned about losing data, invites the risk with no reward.


You can make backup for your files, data and than transfer them to new hard ( new installed Zorin)

I saw some thread about moving boot files (editing) but that is not recommended , especially if you are beginner :slight_smile:
Best solution is to start over

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