Moving Zorin os and Windows 10 and keeping them bootable

What do I need to do to move my zorin os partion, and keep it bootable? I have tried copying my windows boot partion to another drive and that copy is not bootable, and I am assuming a simple copy of zorin os done in like gparted wont work either.

I just want to get my zorin os partion to my fastest drive and have it still function without data loss. i also have my system setup with a combined root and home partion, and so I cannot just reinstall this or another distro to another drive and have my data still there.

Sorry for this, I jsut am worried abt potentially breaking something if I just try and do something and then be stuck trying to move data around.

Your best option for both OS's is Rescuezilla ( You may wish to ask the dev a question on your particular setup. It can be used for both Windows and Linux. There are also Windows backup software that is also free if you want to use a Windows program, details I covered in the Unoffixial Manual for Zorin 17.

idk why i didnt think abt using clonezilla thx

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