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I thought I'd give Linux another go after seeing a Zorin disc on Linux Format but I can't even play MP4 videos on it. What use is that?

Due to some Product Makers restricting their software as Proprietary, many distros are not really permitted to include some proprietary software out of the box.
You can easily install them, however.
Open terminal with ctrl+alt+t or from the app menu and run

sudo apt install -y ubuntu-restricted-extras

Log out and in or reboot if needed.

I saw that on another thread but at the end there was a Microsoft EULA with no agree button so it didn't download. Is there a way around that?

I am sorry, but there isn't. It is proprietary and in Linux, we value Open Source, but we also respect the law.
If you find nothing objectionable in the EULA, then there is no reason not to agree to it, though.
At least it is present and you can read it and choose whether to agree or not - if using Windows, it is not shown to you because the initial EULA on Windows is that it is presumed you agree to all their EULA's merely by agreeing to use Windows OS at all.

What I meant was there was no button to agree or disagree. I would have agreed to it but there was no way of doing that if you see what I mean

I do not see any of what you describe in the terminal... What are you using to run that command?
If it gives you trouble, you can try separating it out:

sudo apt install -y chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra libavcodec-extra ubuntu-restricted-addons ubuntu-restricted-extras

I tried doing that instruction but it came back with E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.
I really don't understand what that means. I think I'm going to give up on Linux. Seems as though it's just for tech nerds not the average man

You can run

sudo dpkg --configure -a

I am an average man and a mechanic. Before Linux, I used Windows OS and Computers as a basic at-need basis. I never enjoyed them.
After migrating to Linux, I enjoyed having the control back in my hands - the ability to develop a skill.
The problem with dealing with something new is not a lack of ability.
But a lack of familiarity.
Everything in life that we have not faced before and is unfamiliar seems daunting.
Until it becomes familiar and then it seems so easy.

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It's just ended with a EULA box which you can't agree to

│ TrueType core fonts for the Web EULA


│ IMPORTANT-READ CAREFULLY: This Microsoft End-User License Agreement
│ ("EULA") is a legal agreement between you (either an individual or a
│ single entity) and Microsoft Corporation for the Microsoft software
│ accompanying this EULA, which includes computer software and may include
│ associated media, printed materials, and "on-line" or electronic
│ documentation ("SOFTWARE PRODUCT" or "SOFTWARE"). By exercising your
│ rights to make and use copies of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT, you agree to be
│ bound by the terms of this EULA. If you do not agree to the terms of
│ this EULA, you may not use the SOFTWARE PRODUCT.

I can't see any way to agree to it

Do you have Secure Boot enabled in your BIOS / EFI settings?

I have the ubuntu-restricted-extras package installed... And I removed it and installed it again to test the report in this thread.
I have never seen that EULA on Zorin OS.
I do not have Microsofts "Secure Boot" enabled - so that may be an area where we are different.

Did you trying TAB or just click Enter or scroll down accept eula?

I don't know what secure boot means. Before the OS loaded I pressed del to go into the setup utility but could find nothing saying secure boot. I scrolled to the end of the EULA but there was no way to agree to it

Do you have Synaptic installed?

If not, open the software store, search Synaptic, install it. Close the software store.

Open Synaptic, search "Restricted", then find the Ubuntu Restricted and Restricted Extras. Mark both of them for install, click apply at the top.

A pop up should appear with the EULA from MS, click the agree box and agree...

Try it this way

I gave that a try and when EULA came up there was no agree box only next so I clicked on that and a message said EULA declined and this synaptics thing is no longer an option.

I gave the synaptic thing a go and still could not see an agree box. I clicked on next. It said declined and synaptic appears to be no longer an option so I give up will go back to windows. I had everything I want without having to download additional stuff

Try doing this in the terminal. ```
sudo apt-get --purge --reinstall install ttf-mscorefonts-installer

Apparently if you ever decline it, it saves that you did and will not let you reselect again from what I'm reading.

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