MSI Sword 15 with Zorin

Hi, I just got my new laptop for work and a little bit of gaming, and I would like to know your opinion or experiences with this laptop running Zorin OS.

Here is a link to the MSI laptop landing page: click here

Here is a link to MSI's official laptop specifications (PDF): click here

Thanks in advance.

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Your msi machine will handle zorin os. Being that is running a 3000 series nvidia, may need a newer kernel or firmware to run problem free. This isn't necessarily an issue, but should be something to consider. Attempt running the live image, trying all features, even installing software you will use (which will not stay unless you create the installing live image with persistent storage). Plan on taking an hour or two (maybe more) to set it up, play with it, install software and give it a real run. If it all works, no problems with the video and the software performs, you may have to make a few adjustments, but it should be fine. Every hardware set reacts differently... even on live and installed versions. Give it a run, even try both core and lite. Go with what you like more.


A lot of GNU/Linux Notebooks are based on MSI motherboards so should be no issue apart from what 337harvey has already said.


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