Muitiple time different packages update

Hello , Hope everyone will be ok
I have tiny tiny issue as you seen in the above screenshot which appears from a week ago but didnt gone after remove duplicate packages.
Anyone help for resolving this issues
thanks looks forward

You can elevate to root

sudo -i

Launch the file manager
(Lite / Pro Lite)


(Core / Pro)


Then navigate to /etc/apt/sources.list and right click it and select to open in Text Editor.
In the text editor settings, enable View Line Numbers
This will make it easier to find the lines listed in your terminal output like Line 5 and Line 26

Go through and you can either remove the line or place a hashtag (#) in front of the line to comment it out.
Once done, save the file and test by running

sudo apt update

in terminal.


There is also a simpler automated way to remove multiple entries and it can be applied successfully in all distros:

Scroll down in this link to #341 and follow the instructions:

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Thanks issue is solved @tambler

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