Multi Moniter on multi gpu

I am currently trying to switch to Zorin OS on my main desktop pc after switching my laptop a few weeks ago. I am trying it out on a live usb and my second and third moniter are not working, just the first. I go to the settings and see that the other 2 monitors are detected, just disabled, so I try to enable them and save the changes. The screens go black as the drivers reload but the settings have reverted and the other 2 monitors are still disabled. Eventually I found a way to make it work. Usually, I have 2 gpus in my pc, a 2070 and a 1070. I have my main display, 1080p 165hz hooked up to the 2070, and the other 2, 1080p 60hz hooked up to the 1070. By moving all 3 displays to the same card they can all work but I would like to be able to use both GPUs. Is this maybe an issue with just the live usb that could be fixed after installing to an internal drive? Is this a driver issue? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

When booting into Zorin are you choosing to use the option for modern Nvidia drivers? That that is the best chance for getting it to work with multi GPUs as Nvidia drivers are proprietary.

Regular boot or safe graphics boot are just going to load with default kernel drivers which it's only supports basic functionality on Nvidia cards

I did select modern GPU Drivers and in the software and updates section driver version 520 was selected.

Try using Zorin Wayland from the login screen, Wayland is newer and offers more festures.

Also did some digging and I found that for mismatch Nvidia video cards some people had trouble with GDM display manager try installing lightDM and then reconfiguring

sudo apt install lightdm

sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm

Remember that these changes won't survive reboot because there is no persistence in the live image. You have the understanding that you will possibly be able to resolve this issue when Zorin is installed. While it's not an ideal situation, it gives you enough knowledge to make your decision of whether to install Zorin or not. Once you decide and actually install Zorin, come back and we can resolve the issue. Until then it is speculation.

Installing lightDM may work, so will possibly using different drivers... but both require restarts to implement them, a catch 22 on the live image.

I was able to figure things out in the end. After installing zorin os to a drive, I first found that only the moniter attached to the 2070 would display and it was locked to 800x600. Using nouveau drivers on both cards meant that all 3 displays worked as intended but performance in games became pitiful. Whenever I tried to switch to proprietary drivers the problems would return. In the end, I had to 1. switch to nvidia proprietary drivers 525, not the open / recommended ones, and 2. remove the second card. having 2 seperate cards with moniters on each just doesnt seem to work with proprietary drivers and nouveau drivers would not work in games.

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