Multi-monitor setup, third monitor disappeared [RESOLVED]

EDIT: Hi again, I fixed the issue by deleting the config file using this command. and then restarting the computer

rm ~/.config/monitors.xml

Hi. I am currently facing some issues running a triple-monitor setup on Zorin 16 Pro. Running a Nvidia RTX 3070
I recently got myself a Samsung Odyssey G7 to use as my third monitor. For the first few days it worked great but suddenly, one day after I turned the computer off, the G7 monitor would mirror my leftmost monitor. A simple turning the monitor off and on again would fix this issue for me and I was content with that for a few days but today I attempted to fix the issue by messing with the display settings, just moving the 3 monitors around, saving the configuration and then moving them back and saving the settings again. Now no matter what I do I cannot get the displays to not mirror anymore.

Troubleshooting steps:
-Restarting PC
-Unplugging the monitor and plugging it back in again
-Unplugging the monitor and restarting PC before plugging it back in
-Unplugging all three monitors and plugging them back in one by one
-Downgrading my display drivers
-Installing the latest display drivers
None of the above has worked.

As you can see from the screenshot below Zorin is detecting all three of my monitors but for some reason it only displays two monitors in the preview.

Thankful for any and all help regarding this matter. It is quite annoying :slight_smile:

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