Multiple apps on one screen like Windows?

Hello. I am considering fully switching from Windows to Zorin, no dual boot of any kind, and I have a rather specific question. In Windows (the OS), I can put two different windows (app windows) side to side on one screen to be able to work with them both at the same time. Can I do the same thing in Zorin, or something similar? For example, a text document and a web browser - two completely separate apps each occupying half of the screen, being able to look at them both and use either.

Yes, this functionality works practically the same as on Windows.

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It also works in respect of two monitors. For me working from home in lockdown I ended up buying a second monitor for Outlook365 connection at work, but later it was great to have an original document open in Okular and extract it into a free Braille translation application which needs the whole screen to be useful. And with two monitors you can drag apps to different monitors should you want, need to.

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