Multiple Displays with 2 GPUs

Hi all,

(my setup works on Windows 10, but I want to switch and haven't found a way to get it to work with Zorin OS Core)

So I have 1 "good gaming monitor", 1 cheap office monitor and 3 old Laptop screens with a controller board to use them just like normal monitors.
And I have 2 Nvidia GPUs: 1x RTX 3090 and 1x GTX 970.
The gaming and office monitors and 1 laptop screen are plugged into the 3090 and the other 2 laptop screens are plugged into the 970.
Both GPUs show up in Zorin OS (in the Nvidia control app) and each GPU shows the connected monitors. But when I go to the displays section in the Zorin Settings App, I can only use the 3090 displays. The 970 displays show up in the list, but when I select them and try to activate them with the toggle right next to it, basically nothing happens. (all screens turn dark for a moment, the toggle gets gray again, and I get asked if I want to keep the changes)

Does Zorin (or Linux in general, idk) support this kind of multiple monitors on multiple GPUs? And what do I have to do to get it to work? I would be happy to buy Zorin Pro if that would help

Are you logging in on the Wayland desktop option? If so, you most likely need to be on the regular Zorin OS Session (XWindow)

Have you tested using the Nouveau Open Source drivers as well as the Nvidia Proprietary Drivers? (You can switch drivers by launching Software & Updates > Additional Drivers tab. After switching driver - you must reboot.

Do the monitors show in Arandr? (A GUI application for randr which can be installed if needed with sudo apt install arandr)

I haven't seen anything mentioning wayland. After doing a little bit of searching, my understanding is, that wayland is a way of how to display stuff?
Anyway, I haven't seen it. Maybe because I was booting from a USB Stick? (I wanted to try it out before I install it) And if that's the reason, which Zorin should I install: Zorin, Zorin with stable graphics, or Zorin with modern Nvidia drivers?

The Nouveau drivers were selected by default and I couldn't switch to the Nvidia drivers because the "try Zorin from a USB Drive" didn't survive a reboot. That brings me to the same question as above.

They didn't show up in Arandr when trying the Zorin with stable graphics. But all of them did show the mainboard logo and checking files progress bar. I did not test it with the other 2 options because I didn't know which one to install but in the modern Nvidia drivers version, they showed up in the Nvidia App and the Zorin Setting App

Only so much can be done on the live image, since all changes are removed upon reboot. If you would like to attempt to get this working, you would have to install the OS in order for any solution to be provided. At this point, you need to ask yourself, does Zorin OS meet my needs, aside from this issue, are there any other problems that I may have to resolve and am I comfortable learning a new OS?

Without these answers and the OS installed, it is unproductive to attempt trouble shooting or providing solutions. It limits both your and our ability to attempt to resolve this and is more of a waste of time for both. There are many who have multiple monitor configurations. It may be a process to get them working (possibly) but that is one aspect of the OS, not the entire operating system. At this point, until you decide what direction you want to go, we are focusing on what if's instead of resolving your issue.

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I would have installed it, but I don't know which version.
If I boot from the USB Drive, I have 3 options:

  • try or install Zorin OS
  • try or install Zorin OS (stable Graphics)
  • try or install Zorin OS (modern Nvidia Drivers)
    Do you have a suggestion, which one I should install?

Are your video cards nvidia or amd? If you have nvidia, you'll want the modem nvidia drivers. Or you can go with the first option, which is fine for most individuals.

Once installed you can attempt what has been shared already and if it isn't working, we can look for a resolution.

If this is a dual boot, please read and implement the recommendations in Before You Install

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