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I saw that some distributions have a translated website, like Fedora's website. Zorin OS's website could also be translated so users that have some problems with english could still download the OS with no problem, and read install instructions (and any help page).

It would be a nice Thing to have, yes. But Distro's like Fedora have way more Ressources to make that. They could ask the Community to help, but the Problem is to check what would be delivered.

What You can do, is choosing the Language for the Forum in Your Profile Settings.

I wrote the Unofficial Manual in English for Zorin 12 then used Google Docs to translate into French, German, Greek and Italian. I was going to also do this in Spanish, but a kind Zorin forum member from Argentina did this for me. A possible solution is for users to subscribe to SoftMaker Office NX which includes the Open Source DeepL Translator.

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Setting the language of the forum does not help the regular users. For someone who are not good at understanding English, they are blocked by Zorin OS by default. Imagine if you click into a website, but the homepage is only available in some language that you can't read, would you use their product?

I know that Zorin OS does not have resources like Fedora or Ubuntu, but Zorin OS still able to be available in lots of languages. I don't think translating a website requires more resources than translating a OS. It could be done if the community let some who can speak in other language to submit their translation for the website.

(BTW there is no tag for people to tag their language, if we could add them, people may ask question in different languages)

I've already stated on a different issue that GNU/Linux has always relied heavily on volunteers to help with translations in respect of Operating Systems, Menus, and Applications. The principal project setup to address this very thing is no more, not enought volunteers to assist, not enough volunteers with the technical skills. One particular issue is that if a user whose first language is not English, they choose their locale for the system only to find that some menu items still appear in English - this is down to the Application Software not having enough volunteers to help with translation.
Some websites have an engine whereby you click on a flag for the language you wish to view it in. The only viable alternative in terms of websites is to pay for the open source package, DeepL, but it can be quite costly, which is why I suggested in my last post about SoftMaker Office NX (which I only discovered myself recently that this existed, but there are limitations as to how many words can be translated over a 12 month period.

Here's a couple of Zorin OS site's in Other languages.

Hope this helps.