Multiple Monitors Glitch

Hello. I'm trying to run Zorin on multiple monitors but it's being extremely difficult for some reason. My layout isn't super common, but seems pretty reasonable. However when I try to make it in settings, the screens don't line up at all.

I have 3 monitors of equal resolution. I have one in the center horizontally and the the other two on each end vertically. When I create the layout and apply it, it becomes useable. First the middle screen gets cut directly in half. The right half is what the left half is supposed to be and the left half is a stretched copy of the left monitor.
I can do vertical screens fine, the issues occur when I place my center screen in the middle. If the vertical screens are both off the right there is no issues. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? I have not done anything with drivers yet, this is still running off a usb key. I wanted to make sure I can get past these initial hiccups before commiting entirely.

Check this out:

Thanks! I tried it and it's working better but still not working all the way. The mouse moves correctly everywhere, but the middle monitor is completely messed up. I can't click anything in it. The left half mirror what's in the left monitor and I'm not for sure what the right side is. I've attached a image of the middle monitor.

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