Multiple Taskbars?


I have two monitors and want both of them to have seperated task bars.

Is there currently a feature that I can activate or program I can install?

Thank you in advance!

Are you using Zorin Core or Zorin Lite?
Core and Lite have different Desktop Environments.
Lite has XFCE, which needs only to right click your taskbar (Panel) and select to add a Panel.
Core has Gnome, which… yeah… Gnome Team does as little as they possibly can and dump as much as they can onto other developers. Gnome does not have any built in way to have multiple panels. However, other developers do create Gnome Extensions.
You can search for many Gnome Extensions that you might find useful- but be warned that whether they continue to get maintained or not may be an issue- always check if it works. Here is an extension for multiple monitors having a gnome shell panel.


I’m using Zorin Core.

I also already found “Multi Monitors Add-On”, but this did not add any new task bars :confused:

Ugh. I am not sure how to help, really. As I am sure you noticed, I avoid Gnome like Plague.

Interestingly, however… If you are fine with having different panels instead of trying to add another Gnome Shell Panel- you CAN just add the XFCE panel on your Gnome D.E.

sudo apt-get install xfce4-panel

once installed, hit alt+F2 and enter into it


That will start the panel. It will start Brand Spanking New… and look like about a 1 inch long rectangle thrown who-knows-where on your screen. Just click and drag it to the Monitor you want it on, and the position on that monitor you want it in. Then right click it and choose Panel Properties. From there, you can make any adjustment you like such as extending the panel, appearance and so on. HOWEVER, it will NOT hold your Gnome-Shell Applets. It will be able to run Window Buttons and other functions, though.

Another option I used to use back when I suffered under Gnome until I learned I had other options: Cairo Dock. Again, it would be a Separate Panel and has its own applets…

So you would says Zorin Lite is better for my needs than Core?

I just installed Zorin OS, so I can still switch to Lite

I do not know your needs well enough to say.

What I can say is that if a person is only recently begun switching from Windows to Linux, Zorin Lite will be MUCH easier to operate, adjust and learn than Gnome.
If a person likes to have settings readily available and full right click functionality, then I believe XFCE D.E. would be a better fit.

Gnome has its Pros and its Advantages- but they mostly appeal to people that want their Desktop to operate its own way while they use it as a Workstation.

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I installed Zorin Lite and managed to show taskbars on both monitors.

But there’s still a thing which I can’t manage to do…

I want both taskbars to display opened Programs (Can’t add DockbarX to the second task bar) and I also only want to show the programs which are currently opened on the specific monitor.

For example:
I open Discord and move it to my second monitor.
The taskbar on my first monitor does not show discord anymore, but my second one does.

Do you know how I can do that?

XFCE4-panel does that by default. You can disable that in the panel settings by clicking the box for “Span Monitors” in the panel display settings.
For Window buttons, you can click on “Items” then click “Window Buttons” and select whether you want grouping or not— near the bottom you will see "filters. You can uncheck “Show from all monitors”.

I don’t see a “Span Monitors” option :confused:

Thanks for the “Window Buttons” :+1:

I believe it is on the first “Display” tab under “General”. You want that unchecked.

I checked the box, but the DockbarX item still shows all programs (I can’t remove that one, because I want to pin some programs too)

I see… hmmm… I know next to nothing about Dockbarx configuration…

The preferences dialog of DockbarX can be found from your applications menu or (if you use DockX or mate-/xfce-/gnome-applet) by right clicking and choosing Preferences.

Does that feature work and bring up a dialog that helps?

EDIT: another one:

You can access the configuration window from “XFCE menu > Accessories > DockbarX Preference”.

Nope… I was able to open the config menu, but on another way, but there is apparently no option for that…

Do you know an alternative that let’s me do this?