Music Production Software

Hi Friends,

First off, I just want to thank the Zorin Developers for such an amazing Windows / Mac alternative. My family and I are loving Zorin Ultimate 15.3 on our family computer. I was also fortunate enough to help a friend of mine save his virus infected Windows computer, by educating him about Zorin. He must have thanked me half a dozen times!

And now onto my question:
With the new Zorin 16 update, will there be more music production related software available to creatives like myself?

I have been composing music on an iMac for years now, but I would really love to use Zorin instead. My current setup involves the following Software / Hardware:

  1. Reaper DAW (Already runs well on Zorin)

  2. Native Access (Required for Kontakt Sampler / VST Instruments and Plugins)

  3. Universal Audio (Software / Hardware)

There are quite literally, whole markets of musicians and audio professionals like myself, just waiting to move their workstations to Linux.

Thank you for reading!

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

While I cannot answer those specific questions you have asked, you could try Ubuntu Studio for such purposes. It is a Linux distribution optimized for audio/video/graphics production.


Great idea! Perhaps I will give that a try along side Zorin. :slight_smile:


If you are not a member of the Reaper Forum, you should join. There are a number of very helpful folks there who will give you all the help you need, such as Glennbo and James Peters.

I recently tried to switch to Reaper on Linux, but had to give it up for now. I do orchestral music, and the sample libraries I use mostly won't work in Linux (driver issues).

My understanding is that virtually any Linux will work for music production. I would think Zorin would be ideal, as it has Wine installed. wine is one of the biggest issues people have. As you mentioned, Native Access requires it.

Say hello to Glenn and James for me!


You know, as crazy as I am about Reaper, no, I guess I haven’t really checked out the Reaper Forum much. I’ll sign up for it, and as you say, check out what both Glennbo and James Peters mention about producing music on Linux.

Thanks a lot for the advice! :raised_hands: