MX Linux Is Dying

Is the title correctly spelled?
By the way, I see a lot of MxLinux supporters here. Mx Linux does not support dual-boot anymore with windows 11 because of its unsigned kernels.
What do you think about that?

I think it is cowardly of Windows to sabotage other operating systems for security reasons, not the fault of MXLinux.


I didn't know about that dual-boot issue alongside Windows 11... but the ability to have multiple operating systems installed and choose whichever you want to boot into has been there for decades. It's Microsoft that is now shifting things around to get a tighter grip and lock down the machine, and it has for some time now.

MX Linux in particular has been opinionated about the way they do things (although not so much as their cousin project over at AntiX) so it's not very surprising that they made this decision.

PS: title seems fine to me.


On fb it have on public group 11 000 people.
Not to much, but then the question is why he is very popular?

I was in doubt: is it dying or dieying?

I do not believe that MX Linux is dying in any way.

Do you have a source for this?

Dying (:skull:) well, to die.
Dyeing (:art:) relative to pigments to create colors for textiles, fibers, etc.


They working on new version 21.3 then propably they still alive.

I cannot provide it right now but there is a thread about that on their forum.

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