My experience, and soon to be paid Ultimate upgrade

Spent the majority of my adult life in Systems and Engineering (Electrical). I've bounced between the TI 99/4A, a homebuilt 1988 286/12, several versions of Apple and Mac products, so many Windows versions I can't clean them all, Linux since 1992, and now Zorin. I've been running the Core version for almost a month, and have really grown to appreciate it; so much so I'm going to pay for Ultimate. While I don't want and will uninstall the games, supporting the development is very important.

I appreciate the upgrades that have been coming down and the notifications. My only issue is that printing to my HP Office Jet Pro 9015 is about 1/4 the speed (slower) when I print from Windows. I'm pretty sure it is something I've done in the config, so I'll take this hit.

In reading the thread, it seems that when you buy and download the Ultimate version, there is no direct upgrade path. If this is the case it introduces all manner of complexities. Not only from system config issues but browser privacy settings, bookmarks, etc. None of them are hard walls to prevent me from upgrading, but it would be nice if an integrated upgrade path existed.

My current hardware config. Asus ROG Strix Z490-H motherboard, Intel i7-10700 CPU, 32 Gb Corsair Vengence LXP DDR4 3,600 RAM, and a Samsung 1 TB EVO 970 SSD. Works like a dream.




Dang, you have a nice machine! I just ordered a new computer myself. You've also been with Linux longer then most. It used to be viewed as a hackers OS for the longest of time.

Linux has gotten better over the years to find itself in the desktop environment, and to general computer users.

I'm sorry to tell you this, but the upgrade feature will not be coming to Zorin OS16's release until months later.

When you install Ultimate you have the option to do a minimal install, that doesn't install games, office etc.

If you wish, you can choose to not install the additional Business & Media apps and Games by selecting the "Minimal installation" option when installing Zorin OS Ultimate.