My experience of using Zorin OS

Hello folks, in this post I would like to share my experience of using Zorin OS 16.
I have shared it already as a reply on @kiwi_dragon's thread about the same, but here I will elaborate further.

I have been using Zorin OS 16 for about 5 months now. Before then, I knew nothing about it and the only Linux distros which I knew existed were.................
you guessed it, Ubuntu and Linux Mint, from the hype they receive!

I had first used both Ubuntu (18.04) and Linux Mint (19.2) in 2020, and they were fast to use, but somehow felt complicated to get around, especially considering that I was a Windows 7 user who was reluctant to move to Windoze 10. I even tried following web tutorials to make them look like Windows 7, but I break stuff more than I make it, so, obviously, I ruined the installation. (I was a complete Linux noob at the time btw, so I just reverted to Windows)

I then heard about Zorin OS in September last year, saw Youtube reviews of the same and went to the website as well, and to my great surprise, Zorin OS advertised itself as an easy-to-use Linux operating system that comes with many desktop layouts out of the box, so I decided to give it a try, and boy, it worked exactly how I wanted to! Windows apps such as Microsoft Office 2010, Adobe Flash (yes I still use Adobe Flash) and Adobe Audition work near-perfectly. Also, I somehow never found myself breaking the system!

Then, I learnt more about Linux customisation, the Linux terminal and various other Linux distros. I again tried out Ubuntu and Linux Mint, this time on virtual machines, and they felt much easier to use (not as much as Zorin though), now that I was acquitted with all the basics of Linux.
Zorin OS stands out here, for being simplified enough to let noobs like me use Linux without any hassle, while also being suitable for power users to use.

Lastly, I would never have gained the knowledge I possess now without the help of this community. Thank you very much for your help, patience and compassion.


Yep, that is the whole point of what Zorin OS is all about. An OS simple enough a beginner could use, but powerful enough, that a seasoned production user can use. Gaming is still a bit hit and miss for some people, but its getting better. But an OS for use in the home, education sector, production, or even gaming, Zorin OS has got you covered for sure.

Believe it or not, your experience pretty much reflects how most of us feel about Zorin OS. We all have tried a few different distro's, and some have advantages over another for sure. But no distro is completely without its issues either, Zorin OS has a few that I am dealing with. But overall, my experience has been mostly positive.

Use what works I say, and if Zorin OS works great for you, I say stick with that. Also, I think its amazing how many Zorin OS users we have from India. I think its safe to say now, Zorin OS is quite popular in India, I think thats pretty cool! Great experience post.

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