My experience with Zorin OS lite 16.1

My experience with Zorin OS Lite 16.1

Hi Everybody.
My name is Cartillo, well I Hope the developers and administradors of Zorin OS will read my humble post (And Sorry for the bad english because I speak Spanish as my native language)

Well I have been using Zorin OS lite 16.1 between one week and i love it.
Yeah Before i used Zorin lite in the past, but i tried another distribution of GNU/Linux but i decided to came back to Zorin 'cause well i feel like a home with this system.
My computer has the next components:
CPU: Intel Pentium Dual Core 3.0Ghz
RAM: 3GBs of Ram DDR2
Motherboard: I don't know how exactly is but is a Asrock Motherboard
500GBs harddiks HDD
The computer is from 2011
Originally my PC had windows 7 started installed but later my father installed windows 7 professional.

My computer was with Windows 7 until 2019 that me and my family decided to replace it and we bought a better computer and the old computer was in oblivion

This year I decided to revive my old computer with Windows 8.1 but i did not get the best results
I tried first Zorin OS lite 16.1, later I tried Linux Mint XFCE but I came back to Zorin ´cause I feel like a home
Zorin default desk aparience is too similar to windows 7
I decided to install the lite version you know my pc is old and Zorin revive my pc, the performance is similar to Windows 7

In my old pc I only do these things:
-Watch netflix, Disney +, HBO MAX and Pluto TV
-Playing N64 games with PlayOnLinux and Wine (I Had issues with MupenPlus64)

My pc is in my bedroom and is connected via VGA input in a small tv (The tv has 19 inches and the brand is Coby)

Another thing that did I came back to Zorin is the design
Wow I love the desing of Zorin OS. Is incredible.

Unfortunately I don't have the enough money to pay the pro versión but
monthly I will do a donation to the project because I know the project needs money to continue improving and existing

-Elegant design
-Default Deskopt similar to Windows 7
-Easy to use for beginners users
-Simply deskopt
-Good dark theme
-Aplication store with a lot apps
-The enough apps to use in the beginning
-You don't have use the terminal in the most cases
-Upgrade the system is too easy
-Zorin works and detects the hardware
-Zorin detects and works perfectly with a USB Bluetooh 4.0 (I use 2 remote controls to play N64 games)

-Sometimes Zorin OS does not shut down the computer
-The store is somewhat slow (But maybe is cause for the hardware)
-Some primordial apps are not installed in the Lite version

-Please consider include these apps: Zorin Connect (In the lite version), Getparted, Starcer and an app that allows to format an USB without use the terminal
-Traslate the web page to others languages (In Spanish for example)

Well my final score to Zorin is 9.0/10
Is a great distribution of GNU/Linux, It has the enough apps to use the system everyday for simple people
The store has a lot apps to install and is really easy to use for people that have never used GNU/Linux
I recommend Zorin OS for people that don't want complicate customate the system and only focus to work, study, play games or watch videos on Youtube or watch Streaming like Netflix

Thank you so much team Zorin for revived my old pc


Let's tag them: @AZorin and @zorink

That is quite alright. You can use the Free Version with all the same performance and functionality. Anyone also can donate any amount that they are comfortable with.

If you could start a help thread in the General Help forum, we can try looking into that issue.

This is a good suggestion. In the meantime, Lite users (Like myself) can install KDE-Connect (Which is what I do...)
It operates essentially the same.

sudo apt install kdeconnect

If you are using the UFW (firewall) enabled, then allow the ports needed:

sudo ufw allow 1714:1764/udp

sudo ufw allow 1714:1764/tcp

Zorin OS Pro, Core and Lite include the Disks Utility that can perform this function. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your answer
I'll consider the Disk Utility

As @Aravisian said Kde connect is what to use for Zorin lite, that is what I use on my laptop and it works fine, my galaxy s21 is connected to both my laptop and desktop (pro lite & pro). With no issues.

For the shutdown, any open dialog or application that needs Interaction (such as saving a file) will cancel a shutdown


Hello a great review I can suggest kde connect to you for connecting your mobile, I have upgrade 2 of my customers now to Zorin 16.1 Lite they were running version 12 before and they are delighted with it. Glad to know you are enjoying Zorin it is awesome.

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