My experience with Zorin so far

So it was about a month ago, when i decided to move from Windows to a Linux distribution, though i have already tried some distros in the past, i never really liked them to the point of using it as my daily driver (I did use Zorin 15 at that time and liked it, but my laptop decided to stop working a few days after installing it lol).

I tested a TON of different distros (Mint, Ubuntu, Elementary, Deepin, Manjaro and Kubuntu, just to name a few). Until i remembered about Zorin.

It's good-looking, has a pretty nice performance and didn't give me trouble like some other distros did (Deepin and Kubuntu gaved me so much trouble!), although sadly, some applications i used on Windows don't work on Zorin, which made me keep an Windows 7 install for such cases.

I'm very noob on Linux, and had absolutely zero idea about what a terminal was, however Zorin is so beginner-friendly that i am (slowly) getting the hang of more complicated things (I am even watching a few videos about how to use the terminal, and searching for alternatives for apps i used on Windows). It's the first distro that makes me feel comfortable using as my daily driver. (Mint also did this, but oh god i managed to break it just by installing stuff with the package manager).

Anyways, until now the only bad thing that happened to me was a system crash, which happened because i was trying to open a million things in a garbage computer :sweat_smile:, thanks for reading and sorry for the long text :wave:


I appreciate your sharing, I also had a similar experience as you, i have been up and down the distro list and the only one that really felt snug was and remains Zorin, i use ZorinOS 16.2 Pro and it remains my fav.


Same here came back to Zorin a few weeks back, just got sick of the constant looking after windows, to top it all i was then told my fairly new computer would not run win11, well it wont now!!! wiped the drive and came back to Zorin.


I came from win10, 7 and XP to zorin but never tried a linux distribution before. Changing a few things, stopping some tasks (windows) i will never use but win10 was the most terrible os, so much bloatware (-: Now i will try Zorin or other distributions on my older laptops, hopefully i can use S-Video out to watch something on my old tube TV. I'm also searching for a nice media player like winamp or jetaudio. A Player with a playlist and lots of different codecs, will this work with wine? VLC isnt fine for me but plays everything, i know- but the oldschool skin with the main player, playlist and a videowindow is still working and looking fine. Im using jetaudio for more than 10 years but i think codec problems are coming with a windows player- lets start running and fly into the next problems and how to solve them :grin:
Sorry for some mistakes, or my english, if you have the bill, theres a chance to get even more for free :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Still learning and learning

You might look into Audacious or Exaile.
I have used Audacious for most of my time on Linux and it is very similar to Winamp. However, I have switched to Exaile as it offers me a better experience handling playlists.
No need for WINE.
If you need more codecs, be sure to run the terminal command:

sudo apt install ubuntu-restricted-extras

While at it... you may want to get the sometimes necessary MS fonts, too for full over-all system compatibility. Combining both into One Terminal Command, you can just run:

sudo apt install ubuntu-restricted-extras ttf-mscorefonts-installer


Thats what i'm looking for, but i didn't find it.
Thank you!

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Music - Winamp Player webbrowser player.

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Zorin Linux is distribution what changed my life.
Start more using my brain to thinking and learning new things.
That is better spend time from a lost many times on a gaming or something else.
Linux can be a passion.

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Yeah! And i really like that. It's so nice to learn something you never heard about before, and Zorin makes that learning process even easier.

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Yes. Zorin gived good experience, to learning linux journey. Besides i hearing and reading, people who using linux, have higher IQ.

Heh, similar story - not a new computer (2019) but an i7 dell with 16gb ram and was rocking along nice and steady on win10. But even after failing a compatibility test, microsuck decided to update and give me a surprise win11 installation anyway. Got stuck in a loop where I couldn't turn on security features because ... not compatible with win11.

Missed the ten day roll-back (i know, i know, i know song) and spat the dummy. Back to Linux. Had tried Zorin Lite previously but on old i5 4gb and it did not like multiple Firefox tabs open. On a faster machine, this baby sings!

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